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How Flat Fee MLS Works


With the Flat Fee MLS Listing service, homeowners can list their properties on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) without the burden of paying the typical 3% listing commission to a real estate agent. Instead, homeowners only need to pay a one-time flat fee to a reputable real estate brokerage. This fee covers the cost of getting their property listed on the MLS and various other high-visibility real estate websites, maximizing the exposure to potential buyers. By opting for this cost-effective approach, homeowners can retain more of their profits from the sale of their property while still enjoying the benefits of MLS exposure.

Step 1. Package

Choose a Package: Homeowners can select from different flat fee MLS listing packages offered by AccesMLS. Each package may include varying levels of service and additional features.

Step 2. Property Information

The homeowner provides all the necessary details about the property, such as property description, photos, and contact information. This information is used to create a comprehensive MLS listing.

Step 3. MLS Listing

AccessMLS creates the MLS listing and ensures it complies with MLS rules and regulations. The listing is then uploaded to the MLS database and syndicated to other real estate websites to maximize exposure.

Step 4. Buyer Inquiries

Potential buyers and buyer’s agents will find the property listed on the MLS and other websites and may contact the homeowner directly to schedule showings or ask questions about the property.

Step 5. Showings

The homeowner can manage showings and negotiations directly with potential buyers or their agents. If the homeowner prefers, they can also choose to work with a buyer’s agent and offer a buyer’s agent commission (usually 2-3%).

Step 6. Closing

Once the homeowner accepts an offer and goes through the negotiation process, the transaction moves toward closing. The seller may work with a title company or real estate attorney to finalize the sale.

Save Your Family Thousands of Dollars

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