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How to Get a 2 Percent Rebate When Buying a Home


Here’s how it works: You find the house you want to buy, and we handle the paperwork and negotiations. At closing, you receive approximately 50% of the buyer’s agent commission as a rebate. In Texas, most MLS listed properties offer a 3% commission to the buyer’s agent. As your agent, we give you 50% of that commission, while we keep 50%. If the commission offered is lower than 3%, your rebate adjusts accordingly.

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Showings Reimbursement Program

We understand the importance of ensuring a smooth and efficient home buying process for our clients. That’s why we’ve partnered with a top-notch showing service to offer you a fantastic benefit.

With our Showings Reimbursement Program, you can have up to 3 showings of your chosen properties, and we will reimburse you at closing for the expenses incurred. This means you can explore potential homes without worrying about additional costs. After our 3 showings you can use:

Should you wish to explore more properties beyond our provided three complimentary showings with our partner showing service, you can utilize various other options to view additional properties, all without incurring any extra cost to you.

Tour Available Homes

 To view existing homes, you have several options: visit open houses that are advertised on websites, contact the listing agents direct  (without signing any documents they may present you with), use our showing partner for additonal paid showings, or use any other agent willing to show you the property. (Please call us before doing this).

New Contrusction Homes

For new builder homes, it’s even easier. The salesperson gets paid the same, whether you have an agent or not. So why not use us and get the rebate? Just give the salesperson our contact information on your first visit to the model home, and we’ll be ready to assist you.